Executing your communications seamlessly and monitoring the results are paramount to your business. Communications takes on many forms when you’re looking for the most effective ways to run and grow your business – fax services, email broadcasting, voice broadcasting, and conference call services.

So many choices,
how do you choose?

LaunchConnect combines the enterprise-class technology of a Fortune sized organization with the hands on service and attention of a small company. We offer a range of solutions to enhance your communications. It is a unique hybrid that sets us apart and may make us the right choice for your business.

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Eliminate the delays and complications of fax broadcasting. Just point, click and send out thousands of faxes at one time. LaunchFax is fax broadcasting at twice the speed, twice the power and half the cost. Try it today! Learn More
Fax to Email
Receive your incoming faxes on a toll-free number, direct to your inbox. No more busy signals, no more lost faxes, no more waiting at the office – receive your faxes anywhere, and no special software required. Learn More
Single faxing from your desktop has never been easier. Just click, file, print, enter a fax number (or up to 5 different numbers) and send. Import fax numbers from Outlook contacts, receive on-screen and email confirmations and know immediately if your fax did not go through. Learn More
Powerful, fast and reliable – the perfect combination. Feature-rich email broadcasting technology allows you to build, target, send, deliver and track all of your emails. Learn More
Email To Fax
Automated faxing directly from your email client allows you to get your information to its intended destination. Learn More
Email Broadcasting
Enterprise-level email marketing and a commitment to deliverability. We understand it all and work with you to ensure your email communications are successful. Learn More
Voice Broadcasting
Voice communication has come a long way since the days of Alexander Graham Bell. Deliver your voice broadcast messages with speed, reliability and flexibility. Learn More
Extraordinarily simple to use with powerful voice broadcasting capabilities. Get your message out instantly or over a period of time – whatever your needs are, we can deliver. Learn More
Web Controls
Professional conference services at your fingertips. Always convenient and always available, you can connect to anyone anywhere and enjoy the ease of doing it all from your computer. Learn More
One Click Call Recording
Never miss another word with one click call recording. Capture all or any part of your next conference call for play-back later. Colleagues who were unable to participate on the call will be able to listen at their convenience. Learn More
Reporting and Billing
Keeping tabs on your conference call usage and accounting is easy with our detailed reporting features. Learn More