About Us

Big business technology.

Since 1996, LaunchConnect has focused on serving businesses by harnessing the speed and power of the Internet and combining it with cutting-edge software design. Our network is driven by speed, simplicity and savings that keep your costs down and your efficiency up.

We’ve built and re-built our infrastructure with technology that puts the full power of the Internet at your fingertips. Over the years, we’ve continued to build a better, faster and more robust environment that enables our clients to live in the fast lane.

Want to speak to the decision makers? You can.
We understand you – you’re unique and do business your own way. When you speak with us, you’ll get someone who knows you and your company – a true decision maker. No getting passed around from one person to the next (or one country to the next for that matter); and no need to explain the same problem over and over again.

We are continuously finding new ways to give our clients a competitive advantage. We listen to your needs and deliver solutions.

Experience the LaunchConnect difference – big-company resources with a small-company feeling.

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